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Canon 10x30 IS 2 Image Stabilizer Binoculars

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Specifications for Canon 10x30 IS II Binocular:

Type: Prism Binoculars
Magnification: 10x
Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 30mm/1.18 in.
Real Field of View:
Apparent Field Of View: 55.3° (Adopted a calculation method based on ISO 14132-1
Objective Lens Construction: 2 elements in 1 group
Eyepiece Lens Construction: 5 elements in 4 groups
Exit Pupil Diameter: 3mm/0.12 in.
Eye Relief: 14.5mm/0.57 in.
Prism Type: Porro II prisms
Eye Width Adjustment: 55mm - 75mm/2.17 - 2.95 in.
Focusing Method: Manual focusing by turning the focusing knob
Dioptric Correction: ±3.0 Diopters
Closest Focusing Distance: 4.2 m/13.78 ft
Image Stabilizer: Optical correction by Vari-Angle Prisms
Correction Angle: ±1.0°
Power Source: 2 x AA Alkaline batteries or 2 x AA NiMh batteries
Dimensions: 127 x 150 x 70mm/5 x 5.9 x 2.76 in.
Weight: 600g/21.16 oz. (excluding batteries)

Features of Canon IS 2 Image Stabilizer Binocular:

  • Canon's 10x30 IS II are lightweight and compact, perfect for bringing along on a wide range of activities: hiking, going to the theater, sports events, concerts and more. But don't let their compact size deceive, as they incorporate a sophisticated Image Stabilization (IS) system, Canon optics and improved electronics for efficient, brilliant performance no matter the user, no matter the application.
  • To maintain stable images at high magnification, without the need for a tripod, the 10x30 IS II feature Canon's Image Stabilization (IS) technology for performance on par with Canon's EF series of lenses. Vari-Angle prisms are placed between the front lens and the main prism. When the binoculars' gyro sensors detect movement, vertical or horizontal, they direct these prisms to compensate and correct for external shaking for smoother panning. A high performance microcomputer with advanced algorithms not only enhances IS operation, it helps provide shorter startup times and more efficient energy consumption. This means a comfortable, stable view that can be easy to maintain, whether standing on a mountain tracking a bird in flight, looking out the window of a moving vehicle or watching the pitcher wind up to throw a strike.
  • Canon's 10x30 IS II feature a refined optical system designed to provide a 10x angle of view with remarkably compact optics. With an objective lens effective diameter of 30mm/1.18 in., the 10x30 IS II offer a great balance between brightness and portability.
  • Canon's 10x30 IS II use a Porro II Prism design. Because both the front lens and the eyepiece use convex-shaped glass, the binoculars' design necessitates a prism system between the front objective lens and the eyepiece to flip the otherwise inverted image that would appear. Porro type prisms are a perfect fit for the 10x30 IS II because they deliver clear, bright images at high magnification with excellent sharpness and minimal light falloff.
  • The 10x30 IS II feature doublet field-flattener lenses in the eyepieces. Doublet lenses correct curvature of field, the image quality degradation typical at the edges of the image frame. Thanks to the doublet field-flattener the 10x30 IS II can display a sharp, even view, corner to corner.
  • With advanced power-saving electronics, Canon's 10x30 IS II feature a significant energy improvement over previous models when using the Image Stabilizer (IS) function. For example, when using AA alkaline batteries, the 10x30 IS II's IS system works for up to 9 hours. The 10x30 IS II are compatible with nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) batteries as well.
  • In binoculars, the distance from the eyepoint where the image can be seen without obstruction is known as eye relief. When using binoculars, especially for extended periods of time, more eye relief can make for a more comfortable experience over a longer span of time. The 10x30 IS II have long eye relief, providing a generous field of view and making the binoculars more comfortable to look through, especially when wearing glasses.
  • The 10x30 IS II have an improved external design with a matte front cover, plus an overall anti-reflective design. This is especially helpful for watching birds and wildlife, when remaining inconspicuous is a priority. A rubberized coating on the focus adjustment ring adds improved control.
  • As with all of Canon's EF lenses, Canon's 10x30 IS II are manufactured with lead-free glass that's friendly for the environment.

Package Contents:

  • Canon IS II Image Stabilizer 10x30mm Binocular

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