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Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Binocular

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USD 269.00

Specifications for Steiner Navigator Pro 7x50 Compact Marine Binocular:

Magnification: 7x
Width: 8.1 in.
Height: 5.5 in.

Features of Steiner Navigator Pro 7x Binocular:

  • Neoprene neck strap with Clicloc system
  • NBR Rubber Armoring
  • Compass models have easy access light button
  • Perfect for on-water use, with a wide, stable image for tracking boats, buoys and bridge numbers even in rough water.
  • High contrast optics provide bright, sharply contoured images with natural color definition for outstanding viewing quality suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Floating prism system uses a flexible silicon lens mount to absorb severe shock, impact and abuse without damage.
  • Sport-Auto-Focus system lets you focus each eyepiece to your vision once, then keeps images razor-sharp from 20 yards to infinity.
  • Makrolon Housing creates a lightweight, rugged chassis that withstands 11 Gs of impact.
  • N2 injection system seals 14-psi pressurized dry nitrogen into the optic, providing waterproof protection as deep as 5 meters.

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