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Armasight PVS-7 Gen 3 Pinnacle Auto-Gated Night Vision Goggles

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Specifications for Armasight PVS7 Gen III Waterproof Night Vision Binocular:

Night Vision Generation: 3
Image Intensifier Tube: Pinnacle
Resolution: 64 lp/mm
Magnification: 1x
Auto-Gated: Yes
Field of View: 40°
Focus Range: 0.2m to infinity
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.4" x 6" x 3"
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Waterproof: Yes
Batteries: 2x AA
Included Accessories: Data sheet, head mount assembly, brow pads, eye cups, lens cap, soft carrying case, shoulder strap, lens paper, sacrificial window, demist shield, 2x AA batteries, operator's manual


Features of ArmaSight PVS-7 Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggles w/ IR Illuminator:

  • High powered night vision goggles by Armasight
  • Compact, rugged design with waterproof body
  • Comes with a head mount assembly for hands-free use
  • Pinnacle image intensifier tube is auto-gated to remove bright light halos and thin-filmed
  • Generation 3 night vision technology
  • Ergonomic, simple, and easy to operate controls
  • Built in infrared illuminator and flood lens
  • Comes with a data sheet, head mount, small, medium and large brow pads, eye cups, a lens cap, a soft carrying case, shoulder strap, lens paper, sacrificial window, a demist shield, an operator's manual, and two (2) AA batteries
  • Backed by the Armasight limited two year warranty


Package Contents:

  • Armasight PVS-7 Gen 3 Pinnacle Night Vision Goggles NAMPVS7001P3DA1
  • Data sheet
  • Head mount assembly
  • Small brow pad
  • Medium brow pad
  • Large brow pad
  • Eye cups
  • Lens caps
  • Soft carrying case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Lens paper
  • Sacrificial window
  • Demist shield
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Owner's manual

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