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Night Optics D-321G Gen 3 Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles

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USD 3,629.00

Specifications for NightOptics Gen 3 1x IR Goggles:

Resolution: 57-72 lp/mm
Magnification: 1x
Power Supply: Non-Gated (321-ST, 321-A) or Gated (321-AG)
Film Type: Thin or Standard (321-ST, 321-A), or Thin (321-AG)
Lens System: 26mm f1.2
Field of View Angle: 40°
Field of View: 2184' at 1000 yards
Range of Focus: 10' to Infinity
Detection Range: 1066'
Recognition Range: 902'
Diopter Adjustment: +4 to -4
Weather Resistant: Yes
IR Illuminator: Yes
Batteries: 3x CR123
Battery Life: 30 hours
Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
Weight: 20 oz


Features of Night Optics Generation3 Night-Vision Goggle w/ IR Illuminator:

  • Compact and lightweight Generation III night vision goggle by Night Optics
  • True stereoscopic night vision
  • Dual image intensifier tubes offer redundant fail safe against malfunction
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Optimized for hands-free operation
  • Includes flip-up head mount
  • Built-in close range IR illuminator for indoors and wooded areas
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Can be converted to 3.6x night vision binoculars with optional objective lens
  • Patented design eliminates need for interpupillary adjustment
  • Runs for up to 30 hours on a single CR123 battery
  • Backed by 2 year Night Optics warranty


Package Contents:

  • Night Optics D-321G Gen 3 Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles
  • 1x 26mm f1.2 objective lens
  • Flip-up headmount
  • Hard case
  • 3v Cr123 battery
  • Operating manual

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