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Steiner 10x50 M50 LRF Military Binoculars w/ Laser Rangefinder & Tripod Mount

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USD 1,769.00

Specifications for Steiner 10x50 M50 LRF Military Binoculars w/ Laser Rangefinder:

Magnification: 10X
Entrance pupil: 50 mm
Exit pupil: 5 mm
Eye relief: 15.8 mm
Twilight factor: 22.4
Luminosity: 25.0
Field of view at 1,000 yards: 348 feet
Diopter range: &plasma; 5 dpt
Interpupillary distance: 2.2 - 2.9 inches
Operating temperature: -4° F to +140° F
Storage temperature: -40° to +176° F
Waterproof depth: 5 meters/16 feet
Binocular weight: 45.9 ounces
Height: 5.4 inches
Width: 8.1 inches
Depth: 3.9 inches
Laser type: FDA Class 1
Battery: 3-volt CR123A (1)
Battery life: Approx. 5,000 measurements at 68° F

Features of Steiner 10x50 M50 LRF Military Waterproof Binoculars:

  • Genuine military binoculars, suitable for Military & Governmental Services
  • Standard issue for Army, Navy, Air Force
  • Useful for Artillery, Target Determination, Border Patrol, Coast Guard
  • Ergonomic weight balance - the compact design shifts the center of gravity to the palms of the user's hands, allowing long observation times without getting tired. The rounded shape makes it possible to enter and exit armored vehicles such as tanks without hindrance.
  • LONG LASTING RUBBER ARMORING - each Steiner Military 10x50 LRF Binocular is covered with slip-proof, noiseless protective rubber armor, with webbing that gives a perfect firm grip - in cold, heat, rain, sea water and the sun's rays - as well as additional protection against environmental damage. The rubber armoring is extremely rugged and resistant against oil, acid, and salt water. This rubber armoring is slip-proof, noiseless and shock-absorbing thus makes the binoculars comfortable to hold at a maximum ease-of-use.
  • EXTREME RUGGEDNESS and LIGHTWEIGHT - these ultra-durable binoculars sport an unbreakable Makrolon inner housing that can deal with the toughest demands while keeping weight low. The extremely resistant military-grade design can cope with the most severe shock and vibration and still guarantees stability.
  • NITROGEN PRESSURE FILLING via 2-WAY-VALVE SYSTEM - STEINER's genuine military binoculars are the only ones which have a two-way valve system which means that prior to the process of filling the binocular with nitrogen the normal and humid air existing in the interior of the binocular will be sucked out, and when there is a vacuum inside, dry nitrogen will be blown in. Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution. Only this method fully guarantees an absolutely condensation-free use of the binocular during changing temperatures and in altitude differences. Even temperature variations between -40° and +80°C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspection, service and maintenance possible even after a number of years. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades.
  • WATER PRESSURE PROOFNESS - guaranteed tightness/pressure-proofness of 0.5 bar, which corresponds to a water pressure proofness of up to 5 m depth of water. Special sealing technology protect the high-end optics from outer influences. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into Steiner binoculars.
  • PORRO-PRISM SYSTEM - Porro-prism systems are used in almost all of the high-quality binoculars. This system creates a perfect three-dimensional image and its construction increases light transmission. STEINER's military binoculars offer a bigger depth of field since the two objective lenses are further apart from each other. This has the big advantage that the observer can clearly judge at distance whether one object is behind or in front of another.
  • INDIVIDUAL EYEPIECE FOCUS - The STEINER individual eyepiece focus makes observing particularly comfortable. If both eyes are of the same diopter strength, simply set both of the adjusting rings on the eyecups to "0" and you will see clearly from 20 m to infinity. If not, adjust both oculars individually for razor sharp images. Once adjusted, everything will be sharp and clear from approx. 20 m to infinity for varying distances. Simple use. Also with a single hand only.
  • MULTI COATED OPTICS - STEINER's multi coated optics provides outstanding viewing quality due to extremely high light transmission. All lenses and prisms are manufactured with maximum precision and are specially coated and deliver optimum observing results. Such state-of the art optical technology guarantees absolutely bright, high-contrast and sharply contoured images with natural color definition.

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